petak, 28. kolovoza 2015.

♥ ♥ Birthday gift for my mammy ♥ ♥

It was the birthday of my mammy,
and me and my girls Gabriela and Mihaela made a gift for her!
••• Gabriela •••
 ••• Suprise box •••
 ••• When open •••
••• Half open •••
••• filled with her favorite chocolates with menthol •••
••• Tag card •••
She like it, I hope you will to...

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Bad Kitty kaže...


Valentina Lončar kaže...

Hvala draga :*

aussie aNNie kaže...

Brilliant card, love the details and beauty on
{The Journey Is The Start aNNie my personal blog}

Valentina Lončar kaže...

Thank you Annie <3

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