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Some pictures to share...

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Hy and hello my crafty friends!!!

Today I wanted to share some pictures with you, I had lots of thing going on so I will explain as I go...

25 years how Vukovar has fallen in war.
Here is the link of more pictures and on them are Majorets of our home city Koprivnica and afcorse my scouts .

It is a small deed but we will always remember I was a little girl back in 1991. but I remember the reactions of grown ups, and I think that that is something that no one will forgot.

On saturday or scout friends from Samobor come and visit us for a day,
We had have lots of fun, we play games, went to our museum and to Šoderica that is a lake near our city.
Here is an album of a few pictures...

And last but the happiest of this week is a 11 birthday party of my daughter Mihaela :)

This is Gabriela, she has help my with making the cake, she has insisted :)

There was 2 because I have cut out the midlle and put candy's in there as a suprise

Hihihi, the spagety cake

Rainbow cake with m&m that say MIKI  11.

My birthday girl

Me with cake

And of course, the cake has ended in her face,, there was a little cake throwing but just for fun :)

That is all for now :)
Sending you lots of hugs and kisses... ♥

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  1. predivne slikice!
    a Miki mi je zakon!

  2. Awesome photos thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Thanks a million for sharing your family, the cake looks so yummy and happy birthday to your gorgeous daughter...xx {aNNie}

  4. A very touching post Valentina, war is something nobody should have to experience.

    Lovely family photos and Gabriela's cake looks yummy, Happy Birthday to her.

    B x

  5. Wonderful post and thank you for sharing your story and photos..love the cake and Happy birthday to your daughter..

    luv CHRISSYxx

  6. A very touching post! thank you for sharing!
    Happy birthday to your darling daughter! and her cake looks so yummy! great pictures!
    xoxo Olga

  7. Beautiful post, thank you for sharing.
    Linda xxx

  8. BTW Happy Birthday to your daughter and the cake looks yummy yummy thanks for sharing!!!

  9. Hvala ! Od žalosti do radosti. Prav je, da se spomnimo vsega! Vse najslajše tvoji slavljenki in še veliko, veliko objemov vam in med vami! Majda

  10. Fabulous photographs Valentina. I hope your daughter had a wonderful birthday, the cakes look yummy.

  11. I enjoyed reading this and looking at your beautiful photos. It is important to remember these events.

    Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! It looks like it was a fun day! Thank you for sharing your photos!

  12. Happy Birthday Miki! Awesome looking cake :) Glad you had something happy to celebrate as well as something sad to commemorate, circle of life goes on. :)

    Annabel - Knitty Kitty Digis

  13. Dobro se spomnim Vukovara pred 25. leti, žalostno.
    Vse najboljše tvoji lepi hčerki. Lp


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