subota, 31. listopada 2015.

Happy mail

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Yesterday I've got a happy mail from my best friend Fiki
She know to do that from time to time and she is allways on time, not like me
She make me a great Halloween card and send me ... yeeeeiiii a pocket sheet to decorate, cauze here in Croatia we do not have where to buy it and when we want to oder it, the postage is too expencive...
In the pocket whell you will seee, lots and lots of goodies...
...and not only that I have got mail, her dother Paola olso send a card for my girls

And here they are, I do not have a display case so for a while I put them in front of me on the board, I like to watch them, cause they make me happy, and when I get a new one, then I replace them and the old ones are going to a safe ceeping..

That is all for today from me...

petak, 30. listopada 2015.

Halloween party

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Today my younger daughter was invited to a Halloween party.
She decided to be a zombie Barbie.
She wore a pink dress, I donne her hair in torn curls and of course makeup ...
Her face was green and black but in sequined LOL She said, but mom I was too glowing, and I tell her: are you a barbie or not LOL
Anyway here's a picture of her as it turns out ..
She was a little disappointed that no one but her and one boy was not dressed up. I was especting that the houst and her dother wil ware make up, or some costum, but nothing, nothing at all. 
Anyway Mihaela had a lot of fun, and that's the most important !!
Many greetings and once again Happy Halloween!!

srijeda, 28. listopada 2015.

Cancer awareness card

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Hello lovely ladies, I have a new announcement I can not wait to say how happy I am about it!!!
I'm a new part of design team for a: Cute As a button
Challenges start every 1 of the month.
Join us and show us your wonderful creations.
I do hope you will join in the challenge!
The card that I have made is for a Cancer awareness,
and the wonderful DIGI image you can find here: 
I hope that you will like it ;)

I would like to enter in these challenges:

utorak, 27. listopada 2015.

♥ ♥ Love box ♥ ♥

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Today I will show you what I have made for my friend engagement.
I did not know what until I so those great box with hearts and no need to say she was very happy!
Here is the box.
I love this stamp collection, I think that it is perfect for the occasion.
That is all from me for now,
I hope that you will like it to 

Here is where I have entered my project:

Creative card crew 08.11.2015.

četvrtak, 22. listopada 2015.

• • • Card album • • •

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Yet another birthday that my daughter Mihaela went to and this time she ask me to do something different. So I did an album that is a card and I do not know how to describe it but she love it and so did the birthday girl ;)
Another gift that I made was a request also from Mihaela and she wanted me to crochet a cover for a peanut can that birthday girl can use for pencils and it had to be in blue colour and had to have a snow flake cause she love Elsa and everything about her ;)
Unfortunately when Mihaela wiped the can she cut her self on her hand and we had to go to ER.
They sed that it was a clean cut so they do not need to make a stitch but they put five steri strips and they wrapped her hand and  in about 3 days we went to our doctor . She have to have strips for 7 days but she is great about it all and it doesnt hurt her...
 This is the front page that holds thre pockets and inside thre tags, I put  a snow flake and a litlle heart.
 When opened I make it like a front side page and I use a digi from Sheri Baldy
 All the way opened
 Back side opened
 Pencils holder
And the snowflake
Hope you like it!!!

I am entering in thise challenges:

Addicted to stamps 28.10.2015.

Whoopsi Daisy 02.11.2015.

Beccy's Place 01.11.2015. 

srijeda, 14. listopada 2015.

• Something about me and • ....scouts....

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This week I am tired, do not know why but my pressure is low, and I am sleepy all the time :(
I was working on a album and a three fold card with pockets but did not finished, just can make my self finish it...
But on sunday the 10 my and my girls went with Scouts ona a "autumn gathering of Scouts" 
It was on Kalnik that is a mountain.
Beside scouting i was geocashing a litll bit and found som cashe :)
Without further ado here are some pictures ..
This is my older daughter, Gabriela, she has competed in binding knots.
They won 2 place ;)
In addition to the nodes they won second place in the orientation and in tents.
I must admit that I am very proud !!
Here are some pictures of when we went on climbing...
 The view from above :) 
Fogy but somewhat visible...
 my good friend who is always ready for mischief :)

petak, 9. listopada 2015.

Happy mail !!!!!!!

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Ou yes I have got a happy very happy mail!!!
My new friend Nikki all the way from Canada.
She has sent me some great goodies and I can tell you enough how my and my girls are happy.
As you notice I am not much of a writer (in person I can stop talking LOL)
But I will show you my great happy mail!!!!!!
And here are one by one goodies 
She has made my a cute tag with a cute little birdie
 This is a great stamp that I will use on my Christmas cards
 Cute flowers thai I can have enough
Gift stickers, yeeeeee love those ones!!
And least but the best are two sets of stickers for my girls, They are so happy!!
Thank you Nikki
You made US very happy!!!


nedjelja, 4. listopada 2015.

I miss you...

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Today is for me a sad but not sad day, I am angry but not mad, Here but not here and I want to cry but I build a strong wall and I am afraid if I bring him down I will fall apart ...
Today is three years since my dad past away.
My words are not coming but I should be sleeping at least for 3 hours now, but can not,
 I had to finish a card for him, a card that I want to put on his grave ...
The digi is from A Day For Daisies "Dance with dad"
Love you all ♥

četvrtak, 1. listopada 2015.

Happy, happy, o happy day!!!

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Hello everyone!!
Today, although the gray and gloomy day I am very, very happy !!!
In the morning at work the postman cheered me up bringing me a letter but not any letter ... A letter from a distant Canada, inside was my candy, which I won with Nikky
Content I will not describe, but I will put some pictures for you to see my happiness !!
 Look how mutch goodies I got from her...
 The card that she made, it is so spooky!!
Cool paper, I can wait for halloween to start making cards and this time I'll work with my daughters,
1. because when I found out I won the candy I yelled with joy and frightened them, 
2. when they saw what was in the letter, they began with questions, can I get this, and can i get that, only a spider and a bat...
In the evening, I took my daughter shopping for shirts because they receive money from grandmothers to their name day. I left them in the store and went to another to see if they might have a pocket letter or foil with pockets (of course with us no foil) just as I headed for the exit, the two of them came running and pushed my bag in hand with the statement: we did the right thing :) there was a scarf that I've wished but did not plan to purchase :(
I do not have to write to you how happy I was, I cried all the way home ...
Here's a little blurry pics with girls.
 In the end, I made a friend a quick greeting card, that she would give her friend for graduation.
That is all from me for now...
Sending you lots of love and hugs!!!


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