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Advent wreath

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Today we have lighten our 1 candle.
We have some kind of a tradition, every week one member of family light the candle, so today our younger daughter Mihaela was first.
Last year she was last and was sad because she only lighten once...
But when you are the first one than you light it every sunday...
Here is the picture of our advent wreath, it was made 10 years from now and it was made by my older daughter and me in pre kindergarten playroom, and every year we add or replace items that are broken.
This year Mihaela pick the candles and they are glitter and just right for our advent wreath. ;)


Here is our door wreath, it is old one but I made it new :)
I have put a snowman from a broken wreath and add all other ornaments...

And this one is new, 
we have got it from my neighbor daughter and her grandma who is making them.

On the picture are my girls from 3 or 4 years back.

utorak, 24. studenoga 2015.

♥ ♥ Welcome baby girl ♥ ♥

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My friend sister in law olso my friend have given a birth to a beautifull baby girl Maša and she has ask me to make her a card, not anny card she has give me this link.
Then I went on a template hunt and finally I have find one, it took me a while but I have find it here.
Unfortunately there was no tutorial or explanation on how to make a back side of a baby crib or a lamp but I think that I have put it together ok...
My friend, both of them were happy on how it look and except there was no baby in the crib they put money in and I think that a new mummy and daddy were happier with the money and not the baby
Here is the card and hope that you will like it to...
Considering that I had a boy bear and not a girl bear, I drew him dress and painted all in pink.
And here is a front side of the card, it is simple one and I think that it is elegant and cute... 
All is handmade cause I do not have any die cut machines but I think that I am doing ok without them...

I would like to enter in those challenges:

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Lemon Shortbread    08.12.2015.

The Crazy Challenge   07.12.2015.

Retro Rubber 05.12.2015. (One of the first stamps that I bought a tedy bear.)

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Altered notebook's

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Today I am going to show you some of my altered notebooks that I have made for my girls and their friends...
This one are small for school notas, homeworks and etc...
They are 10×5cm when closed.
All thre are the same inside the one that is up is for Una a birthday friend, the blue one is for Gabriela and the purple one is for Mihaela.
Thise one for birthday friend Leona is 20×15cm, on the right side is a tag.
On this one I did not put any name and honestly I can remember why, think that I made this one in a hurry LOL
That is all from me for today, I am not going to enter those ones in the challenges, just want to show some of my work from the past birthdays...

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Almost forgotten Halloween

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As I could not immediately show this card, which is for my dear friend Fiki, and later I had the other challenges, that almost I have not shown you a card that I made for her for the Halloween...
And here is the card and the inside of the card.
Here is the card that my daughter Gabriella made for her daughter Paola.
And from my younger daughter Mihaela for Paola.

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We are 10 now :)

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Yesterday my younger daughter Mihaela has turned 10 year and we made her a great celebration :)
Here are some pictures  :)

She love the card
Set of owl jevlery
My crochet work
The dress, i put together shirt and skirt
The dress that she get from a friend
I have made 3 cakes, a heart and two owls

 ♥ Happy Family ♥

Sing Star rules!!
My BFF Fiki and me

 My Bff happy fammily


♥ The two of us ♥

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