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Well, you must be wondering WHAT that is on November the 1. :)
Well not here, we have pick up halloween but only as a party, here we go trick on treating in february and it is around Lent or in Croatian: Korizma
Here Trick or treat we call : Maškare or Poklade (Carnival)
It is a festiv time before Lent and we go in procession, all dres up.
Here is something more if you are interested: Wikipedia
And without further delay, here are photos of my girls on saturday:

 Bat girl and a nerd

Yes i have to show of myself, because I crochet that batman sign and a tie for Mihaela and I am werry proud how it turned up :)
And here are fotos of today, cause today they went in school like that :)

OOOOuuu yes, Gabriela was Joker, It take a whole bottle of green spray but still I did not manage to cover her hair but It's better like that, I painted her face and she was thrilled and very happy, she say that girls in her class jump when they see her and was afraid a bit LOL
To Mihaela i have make two ponytails and made a spots so they look like freckles.
They were very happy and that make my mutch more happy than I can say...
I hope that Gabriela didn't frighten you too and that you like them :)

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