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♥Valentine's day, birthday and a happy mail ♥

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Ok, I'm a bit late with Valentine's pics so here they are ♥

On the sunday the 14. february, on our town square was gathering.
We all have wrote a love message and attach it on a heart shape balloon.
When all of us were finished we all let go the balloons to fly away ♥
I hope that somebody get my message for a bit of lovely lift me up ♥ 
And here are some of the pictures of my older daughter Gabriela 13 birthday ♥

I'm not a top cake chef, but I have made it with lots of happiness and love.
My daughter love it and as usual the taste was great, strawberries yogurt flavor.
Kids love it cause it is simple and no heavy cream.

This is my sister, her husband and younger son, the older one was in cinema LOL

And my BFF Fiki ♥

This is what I have got today in mail... Oh I so love my mailman LOL
ps. He's good looking (psst don't tell no one)
Ok, I'm going on to my happy mail!!!
In my mail I have got a beautiful handmade crochet bracelet with blue and white beads and a gorgeous card with my first name letter in quilting tehnic from Klaudia

Thank you for watching and have a great day!!!

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  1. super su baloni!
    na rođendanu sam bila pa znam da je bilo super!
    predivna pošta!

    Bad Kitty's Craftroom

  2. Happy Birthday to a gorgeous girl.xx

  3. Beautiful photographs, thank you for sharing.
    Linda xxx

  4. baš divne fotografije i nadams e da ti se sviiđa moj ručni rad :D lp

  5. Wonderful photos - thank you for sharing them! It looks like you had a lot of fun on Valentine's Day! Your daughter's cake looks yummy! Nice photo of you and Fiki too! Congrats on your wonderful happy mail - I've always been amazed by quilling - very beautiful technique!

  6. What a wonderful idea for Valentines. Great cake and lovely pics too

  7. I know why your daughter loved it...anything made with so much love is going to be remembered for a long long time!
    Dr Sonia

  8. That cakes looks so scrummy, what a great cook you are, Lovely photos to. HUgs xx

  9. That cakes looks so scrummy, what a great cook you are, Lovely photos to. HUgs xx


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