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Halloween party

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Today my younger daughter was invited to a Halloween party.
She decided to be a zombie Barbie.
She wore a pink dress, I donne her hair in torn curls and of course makeup ...
Her face was green and black but in sequined LOL She said, but mom I was too glowing, and I tell her: are you a barbie or not LOL
Anyway here's a picture of her as it turns out ..
She was a little disappointed that no one but her and one boy was not dressed up. I was especting that the houst and her dother wil ware make up, or some costum, but nothing, nothing at all. 
Anyway Mihaela had a lot of fun, and that's the most important !!
Many greetings and once again Happy Halloween!!

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  1. baš je super!¨
    super si je sredila!

  2. Funny. We don't do this in Australia, don't like Halloween xx

    1. All dipend of how you look at it, I am a religious, we go to a curch and realy love to go, (we have a great minister) But I like to dress up, we do not go trick or treat, that we do i february and it doesnt have anything to do with the spirits... For me it is a funn time to do with kids, we look at scarry mobvie, eat a snacks and play games, that is all.


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