petak, 9. listopada 2015.

Happy mail !!!!!!!

Posted by Tinka's paper wonderlland at 19:27:00
Ou yes I have got a happy very happy mail!!!
My new friend Nikki all the way from Canada.
She has sent me some great goodies and I can tell you enough how my and my girls are happy.
As you notice I am not much of a writer (in person I can stop talking LOL)
But I will show you my great happy mail!!!!!!
And here are one by one goodies 
She has made my a cute tag with a cute little birdie
 This is a great stamp that I will use on my Christmas cards
 Cute flowers thai I can have enough
Gift stickers, yeeeeee love those ones!!
And least but the best are two sets of stickers for my girls, They are so happy!!
Thank you Nikki
You made US very happy!!!


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♥ ♥ Thank you for stopping by, every post that you write really cheer me up ♥ ♥


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