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Advent wreath

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Today we have lighten our 1 candle.
We have some kind of a tradition, every week one member of family light the candle, so today our younger daughter Mihaela was first.
Last year she was last and was sad because she only lighten once...
But when you are the first one than you light it every sunday...
Here is the picture of our advent wreath, it was made 10 years from now and it was made by my older daughter and me in pre kindergarten playroom, and every year we add or replace items that are broken.
This year Mihaela pick the candles and they are glitter and just right for our advent wreath. ;)


Here is our door wreath, it is old one but I made it new :)
I have put a snowman from a broken wreath and add all other ornaments...

And this one is new, 
we have got it from my neighbor daughter and her grandma who is making them.

On the picture are my girls from 3 or 4 years back.

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