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Today I decided since i share with you me good things that I will share a sad things too.
It is a sad day for me and my family because you're 5 year old guinea pig died.
Her name was Paw (Šapica on Croatian) and she was given to us from my best friend Fiki on my younger daughter 5 birthday.
We were so happy and she was brighten your day, even my late father loved her and he was more a dog person...
Here is a picture of her when she come to us, she was only 7 days old.

She fit on my hand and I could almost close her with only one hand how small was she and not at least afraid of us...

And this is her how she look when she was all grown up, she was gorgeous...
Unfortunately when she died she was all bone and skin, something was eating her from the inside.
She take her last breath on my hands covered with my tears, both girls could not see her suffering but I hold her til the end.
We have buried her in a sweet box with her favorite meal; carrot and my mother help me.
She is in our yard and beneath her will grow a beautiful flowers.

It is so hard for me that I can not explain to my self why...
You know the say that animals do not have souls but I know that they are wrong, she is now traveling to heaven and my father is waiting for her...
Now there will be one new star on the sky and her name will be Paw (Šapica)

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