utorak, 10. studenoga 2015.

Sunday walk in to the woods!

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On Sunday it was a beautiful sunny day so we decided to spend it in nature.
We went to resort Monte Negro.
I love to walk on the rustling leaves and inhale the wonderful scent of autumn fallen leaves.
My princess did not wait a lott to cast themselves in the action but literally threw them selfs.

They worked leaf angels if that is a word :)
Anyway here are some photos for you to enjoy a little bit...
A view from above and all the autumn colors...

They literally enjoy in the woods and in the leafs, 
throwing them on their selfs and of course on us ...


Little posing from them and then from us ...



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  1. Ahh the wonderful scene of nature and a happy family, makes my heart melt...beautiful all.xx
     { aNNie}

    1. Thank you Annie I am happy, especialy when we are out the house ;)

  2. Odgovori
    1. Hvala Fiki a lišpča ko u prići, to bi bilo super sve na kup i onda sebacit :D

  3. Čudovito. Jesen v teh sončnih dneh je res prekrasna, še posebno v gozdu z vsemi lepimi barvami. Tudi pri nas uživamo v naravi. Imejte se lepo še naprej.


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