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Birthday puppy

Posted by Tinka's paper wonderlland at 14:17:00
Hello from me...
Here I am with something different, a pull up card that looks like a three floors cake!!
My daughter went on her school friend birthday and ask me to make her a card..

This is what I come up with...
 Puppy is from my friend Fiki, I added rolling eyes and have some paw stamp from my stash.
The sentiment say Happy Birthday
 Washi tape blue with white dots is from a local store that got all sorts of things..
And on the top floor the sentiment say:
make life 
more beautiful
Hope that all of you are ok, I am like the weather, since the weather is ble, I am ble...
But they say that it will snow again and be cold so I hope that then I wil be better and cold LOL
When... It is winter after all so it has to be cold, dont you think...
ps. I find the card and the tutorial HERE
Hugs from me to all of you!!

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  1. Beautiful card with manylovely details.
    Best wishes for you, Anja

  2. A very pretty Birthday card Tinka and such a lovely shape as well.

    B x

  3. This is a so cute card, love the puppy ! Superb design !
    Here, it's raining, and wind wind wind, oh don't love the wind, bouuhhhh ! xx

    1. Huh i hate bouth rain and wind, snow is fine but without wind :D

  4. presuper je !
    kako mi nisi pokazala tu! sram te bilo!
    Bad Kitty's Craftroom

  5. Beautiful and such a cute little puppy.
    Linda xxx

  6. Super cute card! The puppy is adorable! What a brilliant style of card with the 3 tiers!

  7. Takšne voščilnice pa še nisem videla. Res je nekaj posebnega. Super izdelava in izgled! :)

    1. Hvala, eto ima i tutorijal pa ju možeš isprobati, meni je baš super i brzo se izradi...

  8. Vau, Tinka super čestitko si naredila za hčerinega prijatelja. Bravo mama. Lp

  9. BRILLIANT, so love this and what a great creation you made. Thanks for you ever so comforting words too...hugs...xx

  10. ooo kako zanimiva voščilnica in krasne oblike :-))


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